Importance Of Acne Care Among Teenagers

A typical thing to do when you see acne on your face is to run to the nearest pharmacy or drug store and get yourself an acne rem oval cream. This is very common, but not many people really know what they are buying. They do not know what it contains, and how this acne care product really works. Teenagers these days have learned through time that it is very important to keep these medications handy at home, because you won’t know when they will appear.

The Main Cause

Hormones in the body stimulate the production of keratin and sebum. Sometimes there might be imbalance in production between the two, where the sebum might be concealed faster which would lead to a blemish when it gets its way through the pore. Everyday exposure to the air would collect bacteria around the area, and the bacteria would eventually get trapped inside the pore, and this leads to a blackhead or whitehead commonly among teenagers. As the pores become clogged, acnes form. And this clogging is not only caused by bacteria, but can be as a result of anything from dust and dirt to grime and debris.

Taking Care

That is why acne care is very important. If possible, everyone should try to prevent acne from occurring, because it is indeed a great headache to remove them from the skin. But when it is too late, there is no other choice but to seek for acne care medications.

Common Cures And Medicines
The most basic acne care medicine would be cleansers, which cleans off all the dirt, dust and bacteria which lead to the clogging of the pores and thus causing acne. Shopping for acne care products like cleansers is not something so hard, for you just have to make sure you buy those which contain ingredients like salicylic acid, licochalone, chamomile, aloe vera, feverfew, or niacinamide. Or typically, you can use retinoids, which are generally used to reduce the oil formation on your skin. These natural elements which can be commonly found in the products are the best to counter acne, because they not only stop the acne from developing, but also stop future acne from forming.

For more of serious cases, you would have to seek a dermatologist, who will guide you through various acne care medical treatments such as Interlesional Corticosteroid Injection, Isotretinoin, Oral Antibiotics, Topical Retinoids, Topical Antimicrobials, Oral Contraceptives and many more. Topical Antimicrobials is a very famous treatment, which can be done even at home, where the doctor will prescribe medications such as Benzoyl peroxide to you.

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